About Audacy®


About Audacy®


On average, lighting accounts for 40% of building operation costs in most workplaces. The new Audacy Wireless Controls system by IDEAL gives you more control over your lighting environment while saving up to 50% on your corporate lighting costs. Crafted at the intersection of simple and innovative, the Audacy system reimagines wireless lighting control and represents the streamlined future state of lighting technology for commercial, industrial, education, retail, healthcare, entertainment and other uses.


The Audacy system’s online Interface is the brains of your operation. Uncomplicated and easy to set-up, our intuitive Interface allows you to configure and schedule lighting in your space. You define the rooms that need control depending on the time of day. You control all of your system’s hardware.

Leading the competition, the Audacy Wireless Controls system brings together technologies that anticipate your future. Enabled for both Apple® and Androidplatforms, we integrate easily with your existing Building Automation System and provide 24/7 back-and-forth communication between you and your powered environment.


In compliance with the newest ASHRAE codes and CA Title 24 requirements, our lighting system answers the call for more fiscal and ecological responsibility.

The Audacy system’s proprietary electronics are engineered to provide up to 25 years of maintenance-free life. Every Audacy component is designed for easier system modification over time, ensuring next-generation utility.



In short, the Audacy Wireless Controls system delivers eco-friendly technologies that save you money - on the road to fulfilling the biggest priorities of your business and every business.


Audacy is a product of IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC.'s Electrical division: www.idealind.com

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