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The online Audacy Interface is where it all begins and ends. Customizable and proprietary to your operation, it’s easy to program and adjust and is accessible from Apple® devices. Upload all your devices to the Audacy Interface via the mobile app during installation, and instantly begin creating schedules and establishing settings for your system. The Audacy Interface alerts your system with your schedule and setting preferences to achieve desired lighting throughout your facility.


Energy consumption in the Consumption Reporting section of the Interface is calculated using the data provided during Luminaire Controller configuration. Consumption Over Time can be broken down by date range, room, or time period. Consumption By Area allows you to view a historical record of consumption broken down by locations over a specified date range. All reports can be exported to CSV for easy analysis.

Consumption Reporting

The Audacy app is easy-to-use and modify Settings. Sliders are used to set Dim Levels, decide Timeout delays, set Schedules, and more.


The Audacy Interface has options for both Basic Scheduling and Advanced Scheduling, depending on your needs. Get even more flexibility through Advanced Scheduling with features including turning off or dimming lights based on a certain time of day, day of the week, or particular date for a user, room or even an entire building.