Plug Load Controller

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Hidden Costs, Hidden Culprit.

 Even appliances in the off mode can drain electricity from a standard outlet. In fact, "vampire" plug loads can account for up to 25% of your total consumption.*

Compliance and Cost Savings.

Numerous new energy codes require plug load control in commercial and public buildings. Ironically, plug load typically accounts for a higher share of energy wasted in efficient buildings - up to 50% - than it does in minimally compliant structures.

An Obvious and Simple Solution.

Though often overlooked, plug loads in standby mode increase the cost of doing business while pumping unwarranted carbon emissions into our environment. Managing plug loads is a simple way to make an impact as the world pursues drastically reduced energy usage across all industries.

Audacy Plug Load Controllers are easily deployed in both new construction and renovation environments to affect instant and significant savings over time.

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